By Dr. Matt Gomes

Reiki practitioners might not realize how powerfully creative Reiki energy can be. Those who have studied and been attuned in the Usui System of Natural Healing utilize Reiki energy in the healing of themselves and others. Some have even gone on to the second level in the Usui System and have learned to heal others at a distance. These are not the only uses of Reiki. Reiki, being an intelligence in itself, is highly creative and can be utilized in fascinating ways. I would like to start your mind down the path of thinking creatively how you can use this wonderful tool.

Of course, breaking the bounds between species is a wonderfully creative use of Reiki. Utilizing Reiki to heal and help animals is very useful. Be wary of cats, though. They are very sensitive and might not enjoy the Reiki energy. Giving energy to plants in need is also a creative utilization of Reiki energy. Gardeners might think of giving Reiki to seedlings before and after planting to smooth the transition. I've also used Reiki energy before seeding my lawn. A few minutes of energy around the seeds really gives them a great start.

In my first level workshops, I always encourage students to Reiki their food before they eat. Similar to praying over your food, this will enhancing the energy of food to be consumed and help digestion of food. Other energy enhancements using Reiki can be achieved of vitamins and medications. Just Reiki them before ingesting them. Remember "where attention goes, energy flows."

More creative uses of Reiki? A friend's car wouldn't start. His wife used Reiki on the car and felt quite a pull of energy from the car's battery. So she concentrated there. A turn of the key a moment later and the car started right up. Also, my wife and I have started using Reiki when in a line at the grocery store or while in traffic. You would be amazed at the results. The lines start moving faster and traffic calms down.

Remember that Reiki is boundless, limitless, intelligent and creative. These are just a few of the ways Reiki can be used in everyday life. Allow yourself to revel in its creative abilities.

Matt Gomes, MA, PhD earned a doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy from American Pacific University and a masters degree in Instructional Technology (Education) from San Jose State University. He is certified and registered by the American Board of Hypnotherapists, the National Guild of Hypnotists, and the St. laurence Institute of Hypnotherapy. He is the Executive Director of Kiva Spirit Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, and is also the Director of Education at the St. laurence Institute of Hypnotherapy.

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