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The following list includes all of our workshops, classes, and seminars. These on-going classes and seminars benefit individuals in areas such as weight management, stress, management, and other topics critical to health and well-being.

If you are interested in attending any of these workshops, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

Maniversity - A Men's Group
Location: Livermore Office
Time: Fridays 7pm

Workshop And Group Descriptions

The following are workshops and groups we've presented. If you are interested in attending one that is not scheduled, please let us know and we'll put it in the calendar!

Remember, Reconnect and Renew: Back To The Basic for Couples

Maniversity - A Men's Group

Hawaiian Healing (Huna) Group

Explore Your Past Lives

The Genogram: Better Understanding of Yourself Through Family Relationships


Auras - Perceiving and Understanding

Lotions and Potions

Hypnosis Certification

Hypnosis Introduction

Introduction To Hawaiian Healing

Master Your Mind Group

Walking the Medicine Wheel (On-line Group)

Parenting Group

Reiki I

Reiki II

Stress Less

Learn Self-Hypnosis

The Healer's Path Group

Stop Smoking With Hypnosis

Weight Management Group

Weight Management With Hypnosis - An Introduction

Remember, Reconnect and Renew
Back To The Basics for Couples

When life gets busy, we can revert to old, bad relationship behaviors and forget agreements to ourselves and to our partner. This workshop is designed for couples to recall and practice the basic tools that make relationships work.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Remember how to talk so you are heard and listen to understand
  • Reconnect by practicing the basic couple's relationship tools and spending quality time with your partner
  • Renew your commitment to your partner, your relationship, and yourself

Cost: $125 per couple ($75 for current clients of Matt Gomes, Lisa Gray, or Julie McCloskey)

Maniversity - A Men's Group

This group is designed to create a community between men to resolve problems, form friendships, and understand and improve relationships with women. This group provides a source of support for personal growth and change in a safe environment so we can become aware of our own emotional habits and attitudes. This group may not be intended for you, but many men have found in it what they were seeking.

Join at any time!

You will learn how to:

  • Balance work, family and play
  • Live a more authentic life
  • Communicate better - with men and women
  • Find more pleasure and feel more competent
  • Quiet depression, anxiety and worry
  • Consciously question and define the meaning of being a man in today's world

Joining the group requires a brief phone intake.
Call for more information

Cost: $100 per month

Huna Healing

Huna, the esoteric wisdom of Polynesia, is a philosophy coupled with techniques that have been used by Hawaiian healers (Kahuna) based on the concept that our thoughts create our reality.

In this on-going group, you will learn the fundamentals of Huna as well as put these techniques to practical use. You will apply these concepts to heal yourself of stress, anxiety, depression and other illnesses, make more money, live a more authentic, whole life, find more pleasure and feel more competent and efficiently manifest what you want in your life.

It is important to recognize that Huna is not a religion but a scientific body of knowledge not requiring blind faith.

Participants will learn and practice the Huna concepts of: The "three selves" The four levels of reality The seven basic principles of Huna Chanting for health and healing Kalana Hula (akin to Tai Chi) Healing with dreams ...and much more!

Participants will learn and practice the Huna concepts of:

  • The "three selves"
  • The four levels of reality
  • The seven basic principles of Huna
  • Chanting for health and healing
  • Kalana Hula (akin to Tai Chi)
  • Healing with dreams
  • ...and much more!

Cost: $100 per month

Explore Your Past Lives

Safely journey through the memories of your past and future lives. In this workshop, experience the retrieval of memories using hypnosis, holographic memory activation, and symbol analysis. Through the combined techniques and experiences of the top practitioners in memory retrieval and past life regression, you will safely recall childhood, infant, in utero, past life, and future life events.

You will also learn:

  • Theories of memory creation, storage, and retrieval
  • Multiple techniques of memory retrieval
  • How today's physical and emotional issues are rooted in past lives
  • How to recognize people who have been journeying with you
  • How the past affects the present and how the present can seed the future
  • How children can easily remember past lives

Imagine what you have to look forward to!

Cost: $75
Previous workshop attendees: $50

The Genogram:
Better Understanding of Yourself Through Family Relationships

A genogram chart is a method of graphically describing relationships between family members. Primarily used by mental health experts, this diagram can help identify positive and negative influences surrounding an individual. Examining a family's structure at a certain point in time can bring clarity to situations that have occurred.

In this workshop you will learn how to draw your own personal genogram that maps genetic and emotional family structure and dynamics. You will also learn how to analyse your genogram.

As well as:

  • How does my family influence who I am? (and how I behave)
  • How do step-families interact
  • Its use as a pre-marital analysis tool
  • Its use as a family communication tool

Solve Your History Mystery!

Cost: $40


Learn the medicinal properties of herbs for health and healing and how to use them to make teas, compresses, oils, tinctures, and salves.

Cost: $25

Auras - Perceiving and Understanding

What color is your aura? Does it matter?

This workshop will cover the theories of seeing and analyzing auras as well as give you an opportunity to practice these skills

Also taught in this workshop is the use of candle readings to process information from the past and future.

Cost: $40

Lotions and Potions

Learn and apply how to make psychic lotions and potions to use in your daily life to get what you want. Not only will you learn how to apply numerology and aromatherapy to create lotions and potions, but you will also make your own in class.

Cost: $75 (includes supplies)

Hypnosis Certification

Become a Master Hypnotist

Learn the methods and procedures of the Great Hypnosis Masters: Erickson, Coue, Krasner, Esdaile, and others. This program consists of 100 hours of classroom education and hypnosis practice. Each student upon completion will know and demonstrate their skills. This is a dynamic, one-of-a-kind seminar and practicum which enables the student to:

  • Create and set up their own practice
  • Utilize hypnosis in the areas of:
    Weight Control, Smoking Cessation, Sports Performance, memory Enhancement, Concentration, Advanced Relaxation, Guided Imagery, End-Result Management, Stress Management, Advanced Problem Solving and Creativity, Insomnia and Much, Much More
  • Script Creation
  • How to set up your practice so you won't fail
  • Fast and Slow induction methods
  • The History of Hypnosis
  • And Much, Much More

Certification will be awarded after attendance and written exam have been completed.

Pre-registration required, Payment plan available.

Cost: $295

Hypnosis Introduction

Accepted by the Catholic Church in 1847, the British Medical Association in 1955, and the American Medical Association in 1956, hypnosis effectively creates changes for the better, yet is still greatly misunderstood.

Come and learn how hypnosis can be applied to your life.

Use Hypnosis For:

  • Stress Management
  • Weight Control
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Sales Improvement
  • Childbirth
  • Pain Management
  • Sports Improvement

Cost: FREE!

Introduction to Hawaiian Healing

This class introduces you to the philosophy and techniques of Hawaiian healers (Kahuna). Besides learning the Hawaiian view of the three selves, the seven basic principles of Huna, and the four levels of awareness, throughout the class you will also learn practical techniques that you can use immediately such as piko-piko breathing for relaxation and achieving your goals Hawaiian style.

Cost: $50

Master Your Mind Group

Unlock your creative mind and master your thinking to achieve success in any area of your life!

In this dynamic, experiential group, you will learn the methods and procedures of Ernest Holmes, Robert Petro and other masters of mind to explore how to:

  • Master your life through the Laws of Action, Mind and Attention
  • Break through your limitations
  • Apply the Universal Laws to accomplish anything in your life
  • Remove fear and thoughts that prevent your success
  • Initiate changes in your life
  • Use your mind as a friend and partner
  • Utilize the Power of Positive Thoughts

Cost: $60 per month

Walking the Medicine Wheel
(On-line course)

"Walking The Medicine Wheel" is an on-going, on-line class in which participants learn how to use aspects of the Medicine Wheel to heal, find answers, and get what they most want out of life.

Using his background in on-line education, Dr. Gomes has created a continuing education clinic using:

  • Weekly moderated discussions via the Internet
  • Additional discussions between class participants and instructors through on-line bulletin boards
  • Special e-mail contact with the instructor
  • Additional class information and class work available for downloading

What the class will cover:

  • Walk through all 36 positions on the Medicine Wheel
  • Discussion and information concerning the relationship of herbology, gemstones, animals (and more!) associated with each of the positions
  • Spirituality using the Medicine Wheel
  • Uses of the Medicine Wheel including healing, finding answers, ceremonies, and prayer-work
  • Constructing your own Medicine Wheel

Cost: $20 per month

Parenting Group

In this supportive group, we will discuss how to reduce the frustrations of parenting, co-parenting strategies, good family communication, and effective parenting alternatives to help your children become mature, healthy, happy and loving.

Just some of the topics discussed:

  • Raise a thinking child
  • Deal with common problems such as temper tantrums, power struggles, doing homework, getting dressed in the morning, nightmares and more!
  • Take care of yourself and lessen the frustrations of parenting
  • Develop a closer relationship with your children
  • How to stop the "no"s from your life
  • Using the magic word "nevertheless"
  • Alternative discipline methods that work

Cost: $60 individual per month or $100 couple per month

Reiki I

Reiki (pronouced "ray-kee") is often translated as "universal life-force". Practitioners utilize this energy flow to bring health and balance to themselves and others. It is a literal hands-on approach that promotes relaxation and healing on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Anyone can learn how to use Reiki because it is not taught in the strict sense of the word, but transferred from teacher to pupil. These energy exchanges are called "attunements". With each attunement, the spiritual frequency is raised to a higher vibration and imparts the ability to transmit healing energy to oneself ad others. Reiki does not involve changing religious beliefs.

For even more information, please see The International Center for Reiki Training.

The Reiki I workshop explores such topics as the history of Reiki, why Reiki is different from other hands-on techniques, the intelligent nature of Reiki energy, and the hand positions for self-healing and healing others. Four attunements are given over two days and will allow you to use Reiki for self and others. Practice and application will be the primary focus of these workshops.

Please note: This is a two-day workshop. The second day of the workshop is held one week after the first.

Cost: $150

Reiki II

(Basic Reiki information can be found in the Reiki I class description.)

The Reiki II workshop teaches three major Usui symbols:

  • The power symbol "turbo charges" your current Reiki abilities.
  • The mental/emotional symbol is a direct link to the unconscious and facilitates emotional healing.
  • The distance symbol allows you to perform distance and proxy healings.

Cost: $250

Stress Less

Easily reduce the stress of your commute, job, family, economy, world events, school, and holidays!

According to the American Institute of Stress:

  • 43% of all adults suffer adverse health effects due to stress
  • 75-90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related complaints or disorders
  • Stress has been linked to all the leading causes of death, including heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis, and suicide
  • An estimated 1 million workers are absent on an average workday because of stress related complaints. Stress is said to be responsible for more than half of the 550,000,000 workdays lost annually because of absenteeism
  • A three-year study conducted by a large corporation showed that 60% of employee absences were due to psychological problems such as stress

Why do I feel this way? What can I do to prevent stress? How can I best manage stress? Stress is an everyday fact of life. You can,t avoid it, but adjusting your response to stress can change your life.

After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate your current stress level
  • Distinguish between "good stress and "bad stress
  • Identify common stressors
  • Learn how to manage your stress using techniques that include: progressive relaxation, cue-controlled relaxation, nutrition, and problem analysis

Cost: $75

Learn Self-Hypnosis

Tap into your unconscious mind,s ability to creatively achieve the images presented to it.

Learn the relaxation and focusing techniques of experts in the field of hypnosis. Properly create and incorporate embedded and post-hypnotic suggestions to achieve your goals of weight management, deal with insomnia, reduce stress, and improve memory... anything!

After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Describe the history of hypnosis
  • Construct and employ post-hypnotic suggestions
  • Differentiate between the facts and the myths of hypnosis
  • Identify the indicators of trance
  • Demonstrate and practice Ericksonian hypnosis to achieve any goal
  • Describe the relationship of the conscious and unconscious with the physical body

Cost: $100

The Healer's Path Group

"The Healer's Path" Workshop introduces you to the world that you have somehow always been aware of but did not quite know how to discover... or explain.

Dr. Gomes has created a powerful, informative, hands-on, comprehensive weekly experience to:

  • Share tools and techniques that will enabel participants to reach beyond their ordinary sense of perception and understanding
  • Teach ancient methods and techniques of almost forgotten practices and skills
  • Offer participants spiritual insight and knowledge that will enable them to gain greater mastery over themselves, their life, and their environment
  • Help participants discover and utilize their own innate talents and hidden potentials in very practical ways

Participants will learn and experience:

  • Applying the Universal Laws and Principles in your daily life
  • The importance of knowing your personal and Universal cycles
  • How to make psychic lotions and potions and use them in your daily life
  • The medicinal properties of herbs and how to apply them for healing and cleansing
  • Interpreting the language of symbology and using them in sand prayers
  • The qualities of gem stones and how they work for healing, cleansing, medicine, and meditation
  • How to use, empower, and take care of a fetish
  • How to perform your own cleansings, blessings, and ceremonies
  • Using a pendulum, Wolf Pack Tarot, and divining rods to find answers
  • And more...

Cost: $60 per month

Stop Smoking

If you sincerely want to stop, discover how hypnosis helps you let go of smoking. Beyond discussing the realities and misconceptions of hypnosis, this workshop uses the power of your own imagination to stop smoking. Also learn how to spot the failure words that prevent you from succeeding and the nutritional aspects of detoxification and more.

Cost: $75

Weight Management Group

Harness the power of your own mind to achieve your weight goals.

In this weekly group experience, we will discuss how hypnosis, nutrition, and the mind-body connection is successfully used for weight management. Hypnosis techniques will be used in a group setting to appropriately help you manage your weight, discard unwanted habits, reinforce preferred behaviors and achieve your goals.

Cost: $75 per month

Weight Management With Hypnosis -
An Introduction

Harness the power of your own mind to achieve your weight goals. This workshop discusses the misconceptions and realities of hypnosis and identifies how hypnosis, and the mind-body connec tion, is successfully used for weight management. Hypnosis, combined with nutritional techniques, helps to appropriately manage your weight, discard unwanted habits, reinforce preferred behaviors, and achieve your goals.

Cost: $75